Weitz plans post-Twilight trip to New Moon

Hollywood Reporter informs us that Chris Weitz is negotiating to direct NEW MOON, the sequel to TWILIGHT.

Summit declined to confirm the director’s attachment, but Weitz is believed to be close to a deal to helm the second installment based on Stephenie Meyer’s four-book series.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are starring, while Melissa Rosenberg is writing the picture which, like the first, centers on the ordinary teenager Bella and the vampire Edward, but adds a werewolf character who figured less prominently in the first film.

The departure of TWILIGHT’s director Catherine Hardwicke has been the subject of some speculation and rumor (covered here). Her previous credits were for low-budget indie films, whereas Weitz’s previous credit is the big-budget GOLDEN COMPASS. In a laughably wrong-headed piece of analysis, Hollywood Reporter claims that Weitz “has not helmed a girl-oriented project before,” ignoring that the lead character in GOLDEN COMPASS is a young girl.
UPDATE: Variety confirms that Weitz will direct NEW MOON.

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