Video: Captain Sulu calls anti-gay bigot a douchbag

Everyone seems to be getting a big kick out of hearing George Takei calling Clint McCance a “douchebag,” so here it is for your listening and viewing pleasure. It’s not strictly speaking science fiction, but since Takei is most famous for playing Captain Sulu in the STAR TREK franchise, CFQ readers may be interested in getting a giggle out of it. The back story: McCance was an Arkansas school board member who suggested on his Facebook page that gay people should commit suicide; McCance also wrote, “I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other aids and die.”
In the past, Takei has spoken out on civil rights issues and has long been an advocate for public transportation in Los Angeles. He also has shown an aptitude for sharp-tongued barbs, as evidenced during a celebrity roast of William Shatner (Takei faulted his STAR TREK co-star for mispronouncing his last name: “It’s ‘Ta-KAY…just think of it as ‘toupee'”).
This video was briefly mentioned during the recent CFQ Post-Mortem podcast 1:39.1.

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