Verne Langdon, Makeup Artist, R.I.P.

From his Website
From his Website

Verne Langdon was a multi-talented make-up artist, mask maker, musician, composer, record producer, writer, occasional actor, and even a wrestler in his time. He passed away Saturday, January 1st, at the age of 69.
Langdon was a familiar name and face to readers of Famous Monsters Of Filmland magazine in the 1960’s and 70’s. He wrote a few articles, but was also written about, as he was behind many of the famous masks of the Universal Studios monsters made by the Don Post Studios, and sold in the magazine.
He recorded a An Evening with Boris Karloff and His Friends for Decca Records, and composed and performed two albums of horror-oriented music, Vampire At The Harpsicord and Phantom of The Organ. Langdon also recorded a number of non-genre music albums, available on CD.
Verne_L_ZombieAdResponible for many of Don Post’s famous masks, he designed his own original, The Zombie, which is highly prized today by mask collectors.
Verne Langdon also  produced and designed live shows featuring monsters and make-up for Universal Studios.
Film & TV credits include THE HAUNTED PALACE, THE COMEDY OF TERRORS, the PAT PAULSON TV show, and the PLANET OF THE APES film series, working with designer John Chambers.
His official website can supply more details about his life, showing that  Verne Langdom was still active with a wide range of projects and horror/sci-fi fandom up until his death.
News via The Classic Horror Film Board.

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