Upcoming Festivals and Conventions

You might think the Halloween season would be the peak time for festivals devoted to horror and fantasy films, but these fests actually seem to be year-round perennials. Here are a few worth checking out, if you live in the area:

  • NEVERMORE: Running February 22 through 24 at the Carolina Theatrein Durham, North Carolina, this fest offers a mix of new and old feature films and shorts. Highlights include a 35 print of Daro Argento’s 1982 masterpiece TENEBRE (seldom screened in uncut form in the U.S.), a revival screening of HIGHLANDER, and a screening of SHROOMS, the scary Irish film that went over so well at Screamfest in Hollywood last year.
  • THE 33RD ANNUAL BOSTON SCIENCE-FICTION FILM FESTIVAL: Screening at the Somerville Theatre Sunday and Monday, February 17 and 18, this year’s fest is themed “The Future is Passe” and will include older films that depict a future radically different from the one we ended up with, such as A BOY AND HIS DOG. Learn more at the official website.
  • OMEGACON: Scheduled for March 14 through 16 at the Sheraton Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama, this convention has a guest list including Ray Park (X-MEN, THE PHANTOM MENACE), Richard Hatch (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), Ben Bova, and more.

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