Travis Adam on for Here, There Be Dragons

The cover for Here, There Be Dragons
The cover for Here, There Be Dragons

According to The Hollywood Reporter writer Travis Adam (EAGLE EYE) has been hired by The Gotham Group to adapt the first two books of fantasy series The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica for the screen. Adam has been asked to write scripts for both the first two books, Here, There Be Dragons and The Search for the Red Dragon, in what looks to be the next big fantasy franchise.

James A Owen’s young-adult fantasy series revolves around a secret book that contains the unpublished maps and journals of history’s most famous author-adventurers. Young versions of legendary fantasy-adventure writers J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are included as protagonists whose famous works are imagined by Owen to have been inspired by these fictional adventures. Sounds like the ultimate fantasy fans wet dream then. Adam sounds equally as excited describing it as,

“The best gift any fanboy of Tolkien, Lucas and Spielberg could receive. Here is a character-driven franchise that is both familiar and fresh, where wit and intelligence, not just rifles and regiments, win the day.”

No studio is attached as of yet but with the popularity of films such as HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and THE LORD OF THE RINGS I don’t expect it’ll take long.

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