Transformers 2: Scabs?

Director Michael Bay on location for TRANSFORMERSSci Fi Universe excerpts some comments director Michael Bay made at Rotten Tomatoes, saying he has been hard at work on a sequel to TRANSFORMERS during the writer’s strike:

“We’ve got our characters all designed […] I always write all my scripts, my movies anyway so at least I’ve got something to give the writers. It’s like a template. We have a really good outline so I worked on that.”
It might be a tad unorthodox, but Bay has high pressure demands. “We had to because I want to make my date. I’m not going to let the strike take me down.”

 So, Optimus Prime and the gang are a bunch of strike-breaking scabs because Bay doesn’t want to miss a release date? And doesn’t Bay sound a bit solipsistic with his reference to not letting the strike take him down?
The strike wasn’t about him personally; it was about properly recompensing the people who are actually going to write the screenplay for his movie, so that he can go on making millions of dollars.

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