Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D at Venice Film Fest

Variety reports that the 3D versions TOY STORY  and TOY STORY 2  will make their premiere at the Venice Film Festival, which is scheduled to run September 2 through 12. The screenings of the popular computer animated films, which have been revamped with Disney Digital 3D technology, will be wrapped around a lifetime Golden Lion award ceremony for John Lasseter, who directed both films and runs Pixar, the company that turned computer-generated animation into blockbuster success. Accompanying Lasseter to the festival will be other Pixar filmmakers: Brad Bird (RATATOUILLE), Peter Docter (MONSTERS, INC), Lee Unkrich (FINDING NEMO), and Andrew Stanton (WALL-E).
From Variety:

In a statement the fest organizers said for “first time in the history of the Venice Film Festival, the award will honor not only the achievement of a single filmmaker but also the contribution of the directors of a visionary studio.”

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