Torchwood: The New World

torchwood_4_cropThe Hollywood Reporter relays the following information from the Television Critics Association fall press tour about the Starz/BBC production of the upcoming TORCHWOOD miniseries.
First off, the ten episode arc will be called TORCHWOOD: THE NEW WORLD. This is apt, because a goodly portion of the series will be shot in the U.S. with location in Washington D.C. and Los Angles, begining in January.
The show will feature two new American characters, CIA agents  Rex Matheson and Esther Katusi,  yet to be cast.
Creator/Producer Russell T Davies (DOCTOR WHO) explains that Matheson  “is an entrance into the new story.”

 “He’s a CIA agent. The fact that TORCHWOOD has been off the air for a while and is also brand-new to a lot of people is actually being used as a part of the story in that Rex has no idea what Torchwood is and has to investigate Torchwood. Torchwood was destroyed, disbanded. It’s like a legend now. It’s like something that ceased to exist a long time ago that’s spoken of only in whispers.
So Rex is drawn into this, has no choice but to be drawn into this through complications that you will see in the story. Also, he’s at the CIA. We also have a watch analyst at the CIA called Esther, who is now friends with Rex but works with colleagues of Rex’s. The two of them become embroiled in the Torchwood legend and investigate what Torchwood is or was.”

Russell T Davies

 Davies also confirmed that female lead Gwen Cooper’s (Eve Myles) husband Rys Williams (Kai Owen) will return, and will be part of the team. And they’ll both be caring for their baby, as we last saw Gwen six months happily —one of the few rays of light in the dark finale of TORCHWOOD: CHILDREN OF EARTH.

 “So the sight of Gwen Cooper with baby in one arm and gun in the other is going to be our poster, I hope, because that’s just going to be irresistible.”

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