The Wolfman in 2010 – Watch the Trailer

Originally scheduled for release in November of this year, THE WOLFMAN has been pushed back to February 10, 2010. This remake of the 1941 classic – which turned Lon Chaney Jr into a horror star, features Benicio Del Toro in the title role, with Anthony Hopkins as his father (a father-son relationship almost as unlikely as the one between the towering Chaney and the diminutive Claude Rains in the old film). Rick Baker’s werewolf design looks spectacular, and juding from the trialer there will be lots more wolfman action in the new film. It also seems that the psychological angle of the old screenplay has been abandoned; whereas the classic film offered up lots of psycho-babble from characters who believed that Lawrence Talbot’s transformation occured only in his own mind, the characters in the remake come across as obsessed with the family Talbot family’s curse of lycanthropy, and the extensive werewolf footage leaves no doubt that that transformation from man to wolf is genuine.
Watch a larger version of the trailer below…


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