The Score: Max Steiner's Music for "King Kong"

Producer Merian C. Cooper imagines Kong in actionFilm music fan Steve Vertlieb – who has been writing about this kind of stuff for as long as I’ve been reading about it – offers his impressions on Max Steiner’s score for the original 1933 KING KONG:

 Some seventy five years ago Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B Schoedsack created the greatest fantasy/adventure motion picture ever devised by the mind of Man, the immortal masterpiece “King Kong.” This modern film interpretation of the “Beauty and the Beast” fable became the most legendary and influential “Monster” movie ever made, and remains the quintessential telling of the now classic tale. In celebration of its poetic, magical allure, having prominently endured three quarters of a century, I’ve been asked by Film Music Review to create a brief remembrance of its powerful score by composer Max Steiner…in what would become, quite literally, the first important film music of the sound era.

You can read what Steve has to say on the subject here.

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