The Rite – Laserblast Home Video Podcast 2:18.2

THE RITE (2011)
This week’s line-up of home video releases offers a smorgasbord of choices for viewers looking for horror, fantasy, and science fiction films on DVD, Blu-ray, or Video on Demand: the Satanic horror of THE RITE; the ’70s science fiction of THE BIONIC WOMAN; the uncensored English-language version of Dario Argento’s blood-tinged gem, DEEP RED, on Blu-ray and DVD; the hour-long episodes from the fourth season of the revered television classic THE TWILIGHT ZONE; the indie horror of VANISHING ON 7TH STREET; and the J-horror stylings of JU-ON: WHITE GHOST/BLACK GHOST. As usual, Lawrence French, Dan Persons, and Steve Biodrowski weigh in with their insights on the latest releases.


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  1. Ahem! Yes, I’m just catching up on episodes and heard the commentary on The Bionic Woman. It is my lot in life to carry the torch for both bionic series, I guess. One thing of note, there is an audio glitch on one of the disks. I don’t know how serious it is as I haven’t picked up a set yet, but my understanding is that Universal’s attitude is that they worked with the best possible masters to produce this set. If that’s the case, they got ripped off as my copy of the European release (one that’s been out for years) is fine.

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