THE LOVED ONES – A Torture Film NOT Playing In The States?!

This past decade, cinemas in the U.S. and around the world have seen a rise in a genre of horror film that has been lovingly dubbed “Torture Porn”. Should that descriptive moniker not be enough, perhaps a line-up of the most notorious suspects will give you a better picture – films like SAW, HOSTEL, and more recently THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE. The meat of these films (no pun intended) revolves around a group of characters being hacked and maimed in ways that would make the Spanish Inquisition go, “Whoa…THAT’S a bit much!” Despite revolted critics and a slowly tapering fanbase, these films continue to pull in audiences each time they are released.
So it is always surprising to hear the news that a movie of this genre has yet to be gobbled up by U.S. distribution and released amongst the populace. Case in point – THE LOVED ONES, an Australian film directed by Sean Byrne. The film revolves around Brent Mitchell (Xavier Samuel, THE TWILIGHT SERIES) a high school kid who throws himself into a world of drugs and heavy metal after causing the accidental death of his father. Things are looking up however as he enters a relationship with the kind, caring, and gorgeous Holly (Victoria Thane). The two plan on going to the prom together, but are thwarted when Brent is kidnapped by the jealous Lola (Robin McLeavy) and taken to what amounts to her family’s version of a backwoods homecoming dance. What follows is…well…lets just say hooking up after the dance is the last thing on Brent’s mind.
The film has been garnering a ton of buzz through the festival circuit but as of yet has no plans to be released in the U.S. Check out the trailer and decide whether or not that is a good thing.

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