The Last Exorcism release date, trailer, and new poster

Lionsgate releases this attempt to offer up horror in the mode of BLAIR WITCH and/or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY – which, is to say, disguised as actual footage of a real event. Shot under the title of COTTON, the film involves minister Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian), who allows the exorcism of a young woman (Ashley Bell) to be filmed by a documentary crew. Daniel Stamm directed, from a script by Huck Botko & Andrew Gurland.  Eli Roth served as producer.
Release date: August 27.
The Last Exorcism (2010) The Last Exorcism (2010) the-last-exorcism-uk-poster The Last Exorcism (2010 The Last Exorcism (2010) The Last Exorcism: originally titled "Cotton" after the name of the priest

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