The Creature from the Black Lagoon – Live at Universal Studios

Universal Studios Hollywood officially premiered the newest attraction on its famous theme park tour, a live stage musical titled THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON: A RAGING, ROCKIN SHOW. This twenty-five minute show condenses the plot from the 1954 classic, starring Richard Carlson and Julie Adams, adding a bunch of songs and dialogue heavy with pop references and laced with irony. The running joke is that the submerged sexual subtext of the original film is here all out on the surface, with the Creature cast as a sort of bad-boy rock star whose dangerous air is part of his appeal.

Julie Adams & the Creature
Julie Adams & the Creature

The embedded video is from Universal preview of the show for the press, which took place yesterday, with a staged event depicting the Creature’s arrival (he broke free to menace the crowd, natch). The cast of the show spoke to the press, and – best of all – actress Julie Adams, who starred in the 1954 film, made a personal appearance, expressing amazement at the little B-movie she mad over 50 years ago had inspired a new incarnation.
You can see it all in the video, or check out a review of the show and the event at Hollywood Gothique.

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