Tangled: Cinefantastique Podcast 1:42

TANGLED (2010)

For their 50th animated feature film, Walt Disney Pictures presents TANGLED – a CGI modernization of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Rapunzel.” Is this the new millennium equivalent of Disney classics like BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, or is it a failed and schizophrenic attempt to meld the new and the old into one uneasy mix? Find out as Dan Persons, Lawrence French, and Steve Biodrowski this 3-D wonderland, asking such pertinent questions as: “Are two cute animal characters one too many?” and “Is this the world’s first homicidal chameleon?” Also this week, we bid farewell to director Irvin Kershner (THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) and actor Leslie Nielsen (FORBIDDEN PLANET). Plus, the usual round-up of news, events, and home video releases.


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