Replicas' Jeremy Power Regimbal & Josh Close: Tribeca 2012 Video Interview

Cherish what you’ve got, ‘cuz it’s likely others sure as hell do. In REPLICAS, an upscale family (Selma Blair, Josh Close — who also wrote the screenplay — and Quinn Lord) take a trip to their vacation home in order to recover from a recent tragedy, and receive a visit from a set of excessively friendly neighbors (Rachel Miner, James D’Arcy, and Alex Ferris) whose curiosity about the comfortable lifestyle they witness turns from merely discomfiting to out-and-out deadly. Director Jeremy Power Regimbal makes his feature film debut with this tense tale of class envy pushed to extremes.

Regimbal and Close met up with me at one the Tribeca Festival’s hotels, and were willing to talk a little about what motivated the project. The interview is below.