THOR Comic Con Trailer Now Online!

Are you a big fan of THOR but weren’t able to attend the eye-candy store that is Comic Con? Fear not – just today, the 5 minute extended trailer for the upcoming THOR movie that was shown at Comic Con has finally made it’s way onto the internet! The Kenneth Branagh directed superhero film will be released into theaters May 6th, 2011. Until then feast your eyes on what is to come.

Wes Anderon's GOD OF WAR? Awesome!

Who isn’t a fan of the video game classic GOD OF WAR? It’s a story of action, revenge and taking on the gods themselves! But despite all of the blood and blade-swinging coolness, it’s easy to see that, deep down inside, Kratos is just a boy trying to cope with the Mt. Olympus we call life.
This side is explored in the fan made trailer GOD OF WAR. Produced by, the trailer takes a look at the 3rd person actioner through the indie directing style of Wes Anderson. Not much more can be said that can’t be seen from the trailer but in all honesty, despite the uproar that would ensue were this actually to happen…it actually might be better than anything a major studio would put out. Nonetheless, the trailer is sure to delight both fans of Anderson and fans of Kratos alike. Enjoy!


The first trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 has finally surfaced and already fans are scouring their screens for clues. We don’t want to spoil all the fun but we’ll give you a small hint: Pay attention to the real world vs. its reflection in the mirror. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 is set to be released October 22nd, 2010.