NBC's SF/Fantasy Pilots

nbc_3d_logoNBC has ordered three fantasy pilots and one mild SF pilot for the 2012-13 season.

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE is an imaginative and thematically rich ensemble “what if” drama set 10 minutes in the future where families of mechanical human beings exist to service the human population — that is until some of the mechanicals begin to “awaken.” Michael McDonald (“Cougar Town,” “MADtv”) is the writer and executive producer, Robert M. Sertner (“Revenge,” “No Ordinary Family”) is the executive producer and Stephen Hopkins (“Californication,” “Shameless”) directs the pilot. “Beautiful People” is from Universal Television and ABC Studios.
From writer-executive producer Bryan Fuller (“Pushing Daisies,” “Heroes”), THE MUNSTERS is an imaginative reinvention of “The Munsters” as a visually spectacular one-hour drama from Universal Television. Bryan Singer (“X-Men: First Class,” “House”) is the director of the pilot and an executive producer; John Wirth (“Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles”) also is an executive producer.
ISABEL is a comedy centering on an otherwise normal middle-class family that wrestles with the challenges of everyday life while raising a daughter (Sophia Mitri Schloss, “Grimm”) who has magical abilities. Abigail Mavity and Skyler Gisondo also star. Howard Busgang (“The Closer,” “Boy Meets World”) and Tom Nursall (“Single White Spenny”) are the executive producers and writers. Todd Holland (“Malcolm in the Middle”) directs the pilot and is an executive producer. Karey Burke (“Free Agents”), Aaron Kaplan (“Terra Nova”) and Jocelyn Deschenes also are executive producers. “Isabel” is produced by Universal Television, Kapital Entertainment and Sphere Media.
SAVE ME (cast contingent) — A woman who lets herself go while in a broken marriage goes through a transformation where she becomes the best version of herself and creates miracles along the way. The single-camera project is from Sony Television and Original Film & Television. John Scott Shepherd (“The Days”) is the writer-executive producer and Scott Winant (“Breaking Bad,” “True Blood,” “Californication”) is the director and executive producer. Neal Moritz (“The Big C,” “Prison Break”) and Vivian Cannon (“The Big C”) also are executive producers.

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Bryan Singer to Direct 'The Munsters' Pilot

munsters_1According to Deadline, X-MEN/SUPERMAN RETURNS director Bryan Singer is set to sign a deal to produce and direct NBC Universal’s pilot for THE MUNSTERS.
The article states that writer/executive producer Bryan Fuller’s re-boot of the 1960’s monster sitcom is intended as “a visually spectacular one-hour drama.”
I’ll repeat that that, so that you’ll know you’re not hallucinating: The NBC PILOT OF THE MUNSTERS IS GOING TO BE A ONE- HOUR DRAMA!
Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer have good track records in television, with Fuller’s imaginative but short-lived PUSHING DAISIES, and Singer directing the pilot to HOUSE (and exec. producing the series).  So it’s perhaps presumptuous to question their judgement so harshly—but this sounds like the bone-headed idea of the decade.
THE MUSTERS, though fondly remembered, was sort of a dumbed-down and more 60’s conventional version of THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Now, ADDAMS was successfully turned into a darker comedy as a feature film, so maybe a slightly more edgy and contemporary MUNSTERS could be a hit.
But a  visually spectacular one-hour drama? I can’t see it working, or even why the concept would be considered at all appealing.

'The Munsters' to be resurrected – Again?

munsters_1According to Entertainment Weekly, Bryan Fuller (PUSHING DAISIES) is working on a modern-day take on the 1960’s TV sit-com THE MUNSTERS for NBC.
Apparently the network, now a part of Universal,  has ordered a pilot. It seems to be a real “re-imagining “,  as it’s being described as “MODERN FAMILY meets TRUE BLOOD.”
I’ll let that pass without comment for now, other than the obvious why use  the name if you intend to change the basic concept?
Then again, who though a dark,  serious BATTLESTAR GALACTICA would be a hit?