Smallville, Supernatural Return Tonight

SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL return from hiatus tonight, Friday, Feb.4th.
Chloe Sullivan (Allision Mack) returns to Metropolis, after her mysterious disappearance, though the captured and  released ‘Justice Leaguers’ are unsure if she can be trusted in Collateral.
 On SUPERNATURAL’s Like A Virgin:

“Dean and Bobby anxiously wait for Sam to wake up to see if Death was able to restore his soul without causing Sam to lose his mind. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby investigate a disappearance of virgins and discover dragons are behind the kidnappings.
Bobby sends Dean to a doctor who owns the only weapon in the world that can slay a dragon, but Dean must prove himself worthy enough to take it.
Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Adam Glass.
SMALLVILLE airs at 8:00 PM/7 Central, followed by SUPERNATURAL at 9:00 PM/7 Central  on the CW Network.