Zeder: atypical Italian zombie film – Horror Film Review

Last night, the American Cinematheque screened ZEDER (1983) as part of its 7th Annual Festival of Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction Films. The film is not exactly a masterpiece, but it is weird and interesting enough to be worth a mention, for the benefit of horror fans who might not have heard of this obscure title. (The film is also known as VOICE FROM THE BEYOND.)
ZEDER was directed and co-written by Italian filmmaker Pupi Avati, who in some cult circles is as revered as highly as Mario Bava and Dario Argento, mostly on the basis of this film and on his 1976 effort, THE HOUSE OF LAUGHING WINDOWS. Judging from these two films, one would have to conclude that Avati’s stock in trade was creating a genuinely creepy atmosphere mixed with intriguing metaphysical concepts; he seemed unable to marry these strengths to a coherent narrative, but that did not stop the films from being intriguing and/or disturbing. Continue reading “Zeder: atypical Italian zombie film – Horror Film Review”