SyFy's 'Alphas' Casting Begins

davidstrathairn_SWCAccording to
David Strathairn (THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, pictured) is in talks for the lead role in SyFy’s ‘plain-clothes superheroes’ TV movie/pilot ALPHAS.

The 90-minute pilot film, set to be directed by Jack Bender (LOST), was written by Zak Penn (X-MEN: THE LAST STAND) and Michael Karnow.
The long-in-development project was originally called Section 8.
The premise is that otherwise ordinary people that have extraordinary mental and physical ablities are recuited into a team, to be lead by Strathairn’s character. This “absent-minded professor” is actually a sharp, rule-bending manipulator, able to convince the Alphas to help him pursue his objectives.
Also said to be cast for the pilot is Ryan Cartwright (BONES, MADMEN)
as a young man who can read electronic transmissions with his mind. This makes him a kind of human wiretap, without intrumentation. However, his gift is not without drawbacks, as he sufers from with Asperger’s Syndrome— an autisim spectrum disorder that makes it difficult to communicate and interact directly with other people.
Sounds like an interesting mixture of X-MEN, HEROES, and similar shows.
Anyone remember THE CHAMPIONS? That 1960’s ITC series with super-powered spies is (or was) also in development as a movie, with Tom Cruise and Guillermo Del Toro involved.