Jason Patric, Lucy Punch cast in 'Powers'

jason-patricAccording to Deadline, Jason Patric (SLEEPERS, THE LOSERS) has been cast as the male lead in POWERS, a TV pilot for FX based on the comic book by by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.
Patrick will be playing Christian Walker, a formerly super-powered police detective in a world in which superhumans are fairly common. He joins co-star Lucy Punch (HOT FUZZ, BAD TEACHER) as Homicide detective Deena Pligrim. They’re assigned to cases believed to invovle metahumans, known as “powers”.

Lucy Punch in THE CLASS
Lucy Punch in THE CLASS

Their boss is Captain Cross, played by the previously announced Charles S. Dutton (ALIEN 3, THRESHOLD).
The TV Movie/pilot was written by Charles H. Eglee (DARK ANGEL, THE WALKING DEAD) and will be  directed by Michael Dinner (the BIONIC WOMAN reboot).  
Shooting  is expected to begin in Chicago mid-summer by  Sony Pictures Television and FX Productions.

'Powers' Greenlit for FX pilot

Powers_coverAccording to Entertainment Weekly the police procedural /superhero comic book series Powers has been greenlit as a pilot by the FX cable channel.
Created and owned by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming, Powers owes as much or more to series such as HOMICIDE: A LIFE ON THE STREET and other investigative TV shows and movies as it does to conventional superhero comics.
The main characters are the brawny Christian Walker, a Homicide detective for the division of a large city’s police department that deals with crimes that involve superhumans and  his partner Deena Pilgrim, a female officer with an cynical and out-spoken, outrageous personality.
Walker is a former Power, once known as Diamond, who has lost his superhuman abilities. He is (or was) possibly immortal, and could be as old as the human race—but he really can’t remember his past in any great detail. Pilgrim has secrets of her own and chooses not to reveal much of her past.
TV Veteran Charles Eglee (DARK ANGEL, THE SHIELD) wrote the pilot script, and his credits suggest he understands both the superhuman and police investigation needs of the property.  
Although drawn in a loose style that intentionally suggests Warner Brother’s Bruce Timm-influenced animation style, the comic book’s subject matter is gritty and adult-oriented.
Beginning in 2000, Powers was originally published by Image Comics, and in more recent years by Marvel’s Icon Comics.