Budget woes ward off Talisman

Turner Network Television has put a hold on their production of THE TALISMAN, a proposed mini-series based on the novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub. This is only the latest of several failed attempts to film the epic collaboration between two of the horror genre’s biggest heavy hitters.
When it was published in 1984, The Talismanseemed like a natural for adaptation to the big screen. The novel is an epic tale of Good-and-Evil about a twelve-year-old boy named Jack Sawyer whose quest to find a mystic talisman (which will save his mother’s life and destroy the enemy out to destroy him) takes him in and out of an alternate world called “The Territories.” Despite the horror-heavy resumes of both authors, the book is more of a boyhood fantasy-adventure, with deliberate echoes of Mark Twain (note the hero’s last name); its broad scope and imaginative elements seem tailor-made material for a Hollywood blockbuster. Continue reading “Budget woes ward off Talisman”