SPIDER-MAN's J.K. Simmons: The CFQ Interview, Ep. 103

Did You Ever Consider that What's Bothering Your Family is that Cowardly Criminal, Spider-Man?: J.K. Simmons (left) counsels Keri Russell in DARK SKIES.
Did You Ever Consider that What's Destroying Your Family is that Cowardly Criminal, Spider-Man?: J.K. Simmons (left) counsels Keri Russell in DARK SKIES.

It takes some kind of actor to take the role of a Nazi sadist and make it more than just a broad caricature. And it’s no mean feat to then become the flesh-and-blood incarnation of one of comics’ most notorious egotists and turn him into a person you might consider hanging out with. J.K. Simmons has done both and — besides just defining the roles of OZ’s Vern Schillinger (scary) and SPIDER-MAN’s J. Jonah Jameson (even scarier) — has also played parts that include the adult son of a world savior in LEGEND OF KORRA, a skeptical police psychiatrist in the LAW AND ORDER franchise, and a reclusive hermit with the answers to a young clone’s vexing questions in THE VENTURE BROS. Now he’s appearing as the man who can bring some insight into the paranormal nightmare that has claimed an innocent family in the new thriller, DARK SKIES. We got a chance to speak with him about that role and many more — click on the player to hear the show.


Tin Man: Part One (2007) – TV Review

TIN MAN poster

The Sci-Fi Channel’s three-part “re-imagining” of L. Frank Baum’s THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ gets off to a sleepy, tedious start as we meet DG (Zooey Deschanel), a troubled youth stuck in a dead-end waitress job while living on her parents’ farm in rural Kansas. She keeps having dreams of a faraway land, and of a woman with lavender eyes (Anna Galvin). Meanwhile, in a realm known as The Outer Zone, or O.Z., the sorceress Azkadellia (Kathleen Robertson) rules with an iron fist, using both magic and plain old military might. However, she learns of a girl from outside the O.Z. that might be a threat to her rule, and sends her Longcoats to eliminate her. Using a magical “travel storm” that generates a tornado, the Longcoats, led by the ruthless and cruel Zero (Callum Keith Rennie), attack DG and her parents. They escape by jumping into the tornado, which deposits DG in the O.Z. Continue reading “Tin Man: Part One (2007) – TV Review”