'V' Episode Order Cut to 10

v_ABC SeriesAccording to Deadline.com, ABC has cut down it’s planned 13-episode order for the re-booted V series to 1o.
The series will return January 4th, and will be broadcast at 9:00 PM ET/PT, following the superhero series NO ORDINARY FAMILY.
The article suggests  that the producers of  ‘V’, which is still in production, will have time to change the scripts and provide for a sensible season finale.

'No Ordinary Family' Pilot Screening

nofamily_PABC is streaming the pilot episode of its superhero series NO ORDINARY FAMILY online at NoOrdinaryScreening.com . You need to be in the first 50,000 viewers, and use the case-sensitive password Extraordinary . It’s being presented with “limited” commercial messages.
NO ORDINARY FAMILY premiers September 28th.
via KsiteTV