Laserblast: Next, Bug, Tekkon Kinkreet

It’s a busy week for DVD fans, with numerous new titles making their debut and a ton of oldies resurrected and/or re-issued. We start off with NEXT, the high-profile psychic-thriller starring Nicholas Cage, which came out earlier this year. Despite the high-power star, this film squandered its intriguing premise on a standard Hollywood action scenario. Cage plays a Vegas lounge entertainer who really can see the future. The government wants him to help stop terrorists from detonating a nuclear bomb, but he has more important things to do, like trying to find the girl of his dreams (or premonitions, if you will). There are some nice scenes of Cage forseeing possible alternate futures before deciding what course of action to take, but the whole thing is ultimately undermined by a last-minute fake-out ending. The film is now available on DVD and HD DVD. Bonus features inclue a trailer, an 18-minute making-of documentary, a seven-minute featurette discussing the visual effects, an interview with the filmmakers discussing the romantic elements of the film, and a two-minute interview with Jessica Biel speculating on what she would do if she could see into the future. There is no audio commentary.
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