Smallville: 'Ambush' Description and Clip

SMALLVILLE’s  latest episode is Ambush, in which Lois Lane’s father Sam Lane and formerly wayward sister Lucy both appear.
In this clip, Lois’s dad shows he has some serious boundry issues.

Official Description:
“The General (guest star Michael Ironside) and Lucy Lane (Peyton List) decide to drop in on Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) for a surprise Thanksgiving dinner.

Clark and the General get off to a rocky start after Lois’ father bashes the superheroes and tells Clark he is trying to pass a vigilante registration law.

Meanwhile, in an effort to stop the vigilante registration act from being passed, Rick Flagg (guest star Ted Whittall) lies to Lucy in order to lure Clark away from the farm long enough for him to assassinate the General.
Lois is torn between making her father proud and her love for Clark.
Turi Meyer directed the episode written by Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson.”

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Superman fans will be amused that genre favorite Michael Ironside has been the voice of Darkseid on the Superman Animated series, and that character and his minions are this season’s major menaces.
SMALLVILLE airs Fridays at 8:00 PM/ & Central on The CW Network.

Lake Placid 3 trailer

Here is the trailer for unrated DVD and Blu-ray of LAKE PLACID 3, which made its debut on SyFy on August 21. The film was directed by Griff Furst from a screenplay by David Reed. Colin Ferguson, Kristy Mitchell, Michael Ironside, and Yancy Butler star. The film reaches home video on October 26.