'Dr. Strange' Movie "Sooner"?

STRANGE TALES_110In a brief video interview at NY Comic Con this weekend, Marvel’s Kevin Feige said we may see a DOCTOR STRANGE movie “sooner rather than later”.
Not committing to any time frame, he said he would “love to see” a ‘Doc Strange’ movie “be part of phase two”—presumably meaning the films planned for post-AVENGERS filming ,such as IRON MAN 3, and other Disney-produced and distributed fims.
At the present, Paramount Pictures reamains  involved in the Marvel Studios’ productions, if only on the back end.  
A script by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer has been completed (based on the character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko), though it’s unknown if this version is going foward.
No director or lead actor are attached as yet, although Patrick Dempsey (GREY’S ANATOMY) has expressed interest in playing the role.
(Via IGN)