Chris Evans in Full 'Capt. America' Suit

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Scanned from  Entertainment Weekly, via SuperheroHype, here’s a new shot of Chris Evans as CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER.
Very Ultimate Captain America, I guess. The ‘hero’ costume doesn’t look much better on Eveans than the ill-fitting one did on his stuntman.
What was wrong with the idea of a form-fitting chain-mail shirt, anyway? They were actually tried  in World War I & II.  And why is it powder blue, and not say, a dark navy/indigo, like the America flag? Grumble…
Gotta admit those Hydra goons (I  assume) have a definite Jack Kirby vibe to them.

'Captain America' Tidbits and Rumors

There’s littlte bits of information and a few rumors floating around the internet regarding CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER.
First off, ComicBookMovie, in a brief Q&A with director Joe Johnstion, learned there will in fact be some “Easter Eggs” continuty bits for comic book fans to find in the films.

“There are links between all the Marvel films, mostly ones that only the fans will pick up on. We have several subtle references to certain elements in THOR, but since CAPTAIN AMERICA is a period picture taking place in the 40’s, there are fewer opportunities for contemporary links to the rest of the Marvel universe. We can, however, create events in our story that will be paid off in AVENGERS and other Marvel pictures.”

union_jack_Invaders_8Heading into Rumorville, IMDB’s CAPTAIN AMERICA entry indicates that UK actor JJ Feild (THE RUBY IN THE SMOKE) has been cast as Montgomery Falsworth, who is Captain Americ’s British countepart, Union Jack, a member of the costumed fighters known as The Invaders. If true, there has been no offical announcement.
ComicBookMovie also passes on the rumor that Amy Smart ( THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT) has been cast  Golden Girl (Betsy Ross), based largely on the fact that she was apparently seen at a club in London with star Chris Evans.
Betsy (Elizabeth) Ross was an Army Intelligence agent in the early CaptaincaptAmerica68-goldengirl America comics, later donning the costume of Golden Girl, and eventually replacing Bucky as Cap’s sidekick for a while.  In a ‘retcon’ Marvel later changed it so that she assisted one of the Captain America replacements, Jeff Mace (the former superhero, The Patriot).
In the modern comics, there have been two Golden Girls, one of Japanese-American background. Gwenny Lou Sabuki, teenage daughter of a scientist, had short-lived super powers.
Again, this is just a rumor, at present.

Edi Gathegi for Darwin in "X-Men"?

TWILIGHT fans will remember actor Edi Gathegi’s portrayal of vampire Laurent, but now he’ll be slipping into an entirely new role. Deadline New York says Gathegi will join Matthew Vaughan’s X-MEN: FIRST CLASS as the mutant Darwin.
For those not familiar with the character, Darwin has the ability to adapt to any environment, called “reactive evolution” (thus his name). Some question whether the X-Men franchise needs more mutants packed into one film, while others will invariably love the idea. What say you?

Jeph Loeb To Head Marvel TV

jeph_loeb_WAccording The Hollywood Reporter, Jeph Leob (HEROES) has been made the head of a new division of Marvel Entertainment: Marvel Television.
Loeb, with writing and producing credits for both comic books and TV shows (SMALLVILLE) will supervise the the adaptation of Marvel Comic’s properties into live-action and animated projects for televsion and the Direct-To-DVD market.
Dan Buckly, Marvel’s Publisher and the President of the print, animation and digital divisions, will work with Jeph Loeb on these productions.
Loeb’s job title will be Executive Vice President, Head of Television.
Loeb’s has written comic books for both Marvel and competitor DC in the past, winning two Eisner Awards for his work on Batman.
This move mirrors DC Entertainment’s recent appointment of Geoff Johns (also a SMALLVILLE writer) to oversee development of their characters for the screen.

MARVEL Ent. Makes Quesada CCO

QuesadaEditor Will Help Guide Movies, Animation

Marvel Entertainment announced today that it was promoting Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, LLC.

“In this new role, Mr. Quesada will work alongside Alan Fine, Executive Vice President, Office of the President and Chairman of Marvel Studios’ Creative Committee, to ensure that all portrayals of Marvel’s characters and storytelling remain true to the essence of Marvel’s rich history.
Additionally, Mr. Quesada will provide creative oversight of all areas of Marvel’s business including theatrical, television, publishing, animation and games, while also actively participating in all story and script development for Marvel’s films and animation.”

Quesada said: “I am honored to take this new position at Marvel Entertainment and work with Alan to bring the rich history of Marvel to a brand new audience. Together with the incredible talent here at Marvel, in all our divisions, I look forward to making Marvel an even bigger part of the entertainment industry and showing why we’ve been an industry leader for over 70 years.”
Joe Quesada began as an artist, and this move mirrors Time Warner moving DC Comics creative staff, such as writer Geoff Johns (SMALLVILLE),  into DC Entertainment supervisory roles.
Source & Photo: MARVEL.COM