I, Frankenstein: Spotlight Podcast 5:4.1

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So…. I, FRANKENSTEIN. What can you say? Is it a bad movie or a bad videogame? We report; you decide! Dan Persons and Steve Biodrowski analyze this patchwork of plot elements that is every bit as much a stitched-together abomination as the titular monster, played by Aaron Eckhart. Stuart Beattie (COLLATERAL) wrote and directed, from a graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux, the man also responsible for the UNDERWORLD franchise, but UNDERWORLD-like box office success is eluding this effort.


Aaron Eckhart is 'I, Frankenstein'


I, FRANKENSTEIN -Darkstorm Comic
I, FRANKENSTEIN -Darkstorm Comic

Aaron Eckhart (THE DARK KNIGHT) has been cast to  play Adam Frankenstein in the Lakeshore Entertainment, Hopscotch Features and Lionsgate’s   I, FRANKENSTEIN, an adaptation  of the Darkstorm Studios comic book of the same name.

Created by Kevin Grevioux (UNDERWORLD) and drawn by Robert Castro,  the film is set to begin production in Australia in January, 2012.
The film version is written and  directed by Stuart Beattie (30 DAYS OF NIGHT).
Aaron Eckhart
Aaron Eckhart

At one point,   Patrick Tatopoulos (UNDERWORLD RISE OF THE LYCANS) was set to direct—he apparently did the design work on the graphic novel’s creatures. In the Darkstorm comics, Frankenstein’s monster “Adam” becomes gun-toting  present-day adversary to classic monsters out to menace the world, such as Dracula, The Werewolf, The Invisible Man, et al.
Kevin Grevioux remains on the project as an executive producer.
 Lionsgate will distribute the film in the United States, aiming for a February 22nd, 2013 release date.