French Film turns inside out, and zombies waste away

Wednesday was a day of disappointments at the annual Hollywood horror festival Screamfest, as two films unspooled that displayed plenty of promise before devolving down the drain. The first seemed to be a case of strange artistic sensibility; the second was simply an example of a good idea that wore out its welcome.

Beatrice Dalle really needs to get into the bathroom!
Beatrice Dall just can’t wait to use the bathroom!
The French film INSIDE (a.k.a., A L’INTERIEUR) begins as an utterly convincing, serious thriller with a great premise, before exploding into a deluge of graphic gore. The bloodshed is intense and brilliantly rendered, but it goes so far over the top that you wonder what it’s doing in a movie that seemed to have higher aspirations. Continue reading “French Film turns inside out, and zombies waste away”