Get Smart (2008) – Film Review

By Steve Biodrowski

This comedy does not need to “Get Smart;” it issmart. The screenplay takes the familiar gags from the ’60s sci-fi spoof (the cone of silence, the shoe phone, Hymie, etc.) but instead of trotting them out and expecting us to laugh merely because we recognize them (think THE FLINTSTONES), writers Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember update and re-imagine the old jokes in a way that is fresh and new, creating an updated version of the material that stands on its own as a hip, contemporary comedy, not a lifeless museum piece recreation. (One of the film’s more sly gags is that CONTROL is now located behind the facade of a museum.)
Equally important, director Peter Segal – along with an assist from the cast and crew, of course – understands that the word “comedy” is a license to laugh, not a license to slack off. Unlike the recent genre of spoof movies (SUPERHERO MOVIE, EPIC MOVIE, etc), Continue reading “Get Smart (2008) – Film Review”