'Green Lantern' Wondercon Trailer

Here’s an abridged clip of the extended trailer from Warner Brothers GREEN LANTERN that was shown at Wondercon this weekend.
This is more like it — previous footage made the film look almost like a romantic comedy about an irresponsible guy who becomes a superhero. This piece has the gravitas that most comic book fans likely desired for this first feature film version of the DC Comics hero.
GL_tomar-re_CropThe trailer features Tomar Re, voiced by Geoffery Rush (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN), as revealed this week.  Mark Strong’s (SHERLOCK HOLMES) Sinestro is a major presence, as is Temuera Morrison’s (THE PHANTOM MENACE) Abin Sur, with glimpses of Peter Sarsgaard’s mutating Hector Hammond.
GREEN LANTERN opens June 17th, directed by Martin Campbell, and screenplay by  Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim, and
Michael Goldenberg.
Not yet rated.
(Video via The GeekGen’s youtube page.)