The Wright Stuff

This week, the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles launching a retrospective series titled “The Wright Stuff, consisting of films selected by Edgar Wright (known to fans for directing SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ). The series will run from December 2 to 17. Although not specifically to cinefantastique, there are several good science-fiction, fantasy, and horror title on the schedule:

  • Phantom of the Paradise: Brian DePalma’s 1974 rock-n-roll riff on PHANTOM OF THE OPERA screens on a double bill with BUGSY MALONE, both with songs by Paul Williams. Sunday through Tuesday. Edgar Wright will host the event, including a Q&A with Paul Williams. December 2-4
  • Flash Gordon/Danger: Diabolik: A double bill of comic book-inspired cinema, produced by Dino DeLaurentiis; the latter is an excellent film directed by Mario Bava. December 5-6.
  • American Werewolf in London/Temors: John Landis’ ode to classic Universal lycanthropy movies combines with the giant worm flick for a double bill of comedy horror. December 9-11.
  • Evil Dead 2: Sam Raimi’s hysterically over-the-top sequel to THE EVIL DEAD gets stuck on a double bill with RAISING ARIZON, the over-done Coen Brothers opus. December 16-17

Read the complete schedule here. Read the press release below the fold. Continue reading “The Wright Stuff”

Hot Fuzz is a Secret Splatter Movie – Borderland Film Review

HOT FUZZ – from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, the team behind 2004’s wonderful zombie-comedy-romance SHAUN OF THE DEAD – at first resembles a spoof of cop movies. With Pegg as Nicholas Angel, an impossibly brilliant London police officer (not police “man”), who gets sent to a small village because his superiors are tired of the way his good example is making everyone else look bad by comparison. Needless to say, much comedy ensues from watching the supercop reduced to such trivial tasks as tracking down an escaped swan, before he finally uncovers a murderous conspiracy worthy of his talents. But surprise, surprise: the movie takes a big part of its inspiration not just from police-buddy movies (like BAD BOYS II, which is visually referenced in the film) but also from horror films. Continue reading “Hot Fuzz is a Secret Splatter Movie – Borderland Film Review”