Barker Disowns 'Hellraiser: Revelations'—Trailer

On his Twitter feed author Clive Barker let his feelings about Dimension Extreme’s HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS be known.  And he wasn’t pulling any punches.

It seems REVELATIONS was made to keep the film rights intact, and from possibly reverting to Barker, who signed away the rights to the characters and storyline from his story The Hell-Bound Heart when he made the deal to direct the first HELLRAISER film.
This is the first HELLRAISER to have an actor other than Doug Bradley play the daemonic Pinhead character.  His replacement, Stephan Smith Collins,  doesn’t seem particularly impressive in the role,  jugding from the equally underwhelming trailer. Apprently there’s also a “Psuedo-Pinhead” in the film, a new recruit to the Cenobites.
Perhaps the finished product will be more to fans of the original’s tastes. Or not.
HELLRAISER: REVELATIOS is set to be released direct-to-video October 18th, directed by Victor Garcia from a script by Gary Tunnicliffe.