'Sand Shark' In the Can


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American World Pictures tells us that their production with Remember Dreaming Productions SAND SHARKS has completed principal photography.

 The science fiction feature film was directed by Mark Atkins (BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES) and stars Corin Nemec (STARGATE SG-1) and reality star Brooke Hogan (HOGAN KNOWS BEST).
The film, written by Cameron Larson (XTINCTION) features, unsurprisingly, Sand Sharks, as the press release explains.

These are: “…Prehistoric sand-dwelling sharks (that) are unleashed on the island of White Sands when an underwater earthquake cracks open a crater deep beneath the ocean surface. The most menacing beasts to ever rule the waters, now rule the sand; with their monster appetites they mercilessly munch on anything that crosses their path.”
Director Mark Atkins stated:
“SAND SHARKS will give a new meaning to a “fish out of water” story. The fish will be out of the water and in the air as they seek and destroy unsuspecting residents of White Sands.  Fans… should prepare themselves for some serious shark mayhem as they try to cope with the terror in this TREMORS-esqe/JAWS homage. You won’t look at the beach the same afterwards. We are working overtime to take this terrestrial shark movie to a new level.”

Remember Dreaming Productions Stan Spry states:
“The cast and crew were extremely hard working; Brooke Hogan did fantastic and Corin Nemec, one of my childhood hero’s was amazing. The film is a fun, action packed, thrill ride with a mix of scares, thrills and laughs.”
AWP’s Mark Lester adds “We expect audiences to be on the edge of their seat when watching SAND SHARKS.”

SAND SHARKS also stars Gina Holden (SAW 3D, FINAL DESTINATION 3), Vanessa Lee Evigan (JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH [2008]), Eric Scott Woods (DARK METROPOLIS) and Julie Berman (GENERAL HOSPITAL).
Sounds like an old-fashioned drive-in horror/sci-fi movie, calling to mind both the OUTER LIMITS episode The Invisible Enemy and those classic SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE sketches with the door-to-door Land Shark.