Clutter Magazine's Josh Kimberg: New York Comic Con 2011 Video


As I mentioned in Random Hunks o’ Con, I’m of two minds when it comes to collectible toys. On the one hand, I cannot quite reconcile myself to the idea of toys created expressly to be looked at, and not played with. (What would Woody say?) On the other, surveying the detail and artistry that’s being invested into the ever-expanding world of vinyl figurines and designer action figures makes me realize that, had I discretionary income, I’d likely be scooping up every exquisitely detailed trinket I could.
For those who can afford the hobby, or just wish they could, there’s Clutter magazine — at once the field’s premiere art journal and passionate cataloger. Managing partner Josh Kimberg was at Clutter‘s New York Comic Con booth when I showed up with my camcorder, and we got to talking for this video: