Daily Grindhouse picks Top 10 CFQ covers

Cinefantastique-dead-zoneWhat are the ten best cover images ever published by Cinefantastique magazine? Daily Grindhouse weighs in on that question here, offering a Top Ten plus a few runners-up. Take a look at the whole list; it’s a fun trip down memory lane. I especially like the artwork for LOGAN’S RUN and THE BLACK HOLE (regardless of the quality of the movies), and the Daily Grindhouse pick for #1 – THE DEAD ZONE – is pretty damn good.
However, it’s in the nature of these lists that one must quibble with some of the entries (I think the KRULL cover is way too cartoony, and A BOY AND HIS DOG is far too murky). Also, I think several good covers were overlooked, so I am including them below. This is not a complete collection, just a sampling. I’m sure there are many others I have forgotten, which is why I liked the Daily Grindhouse list: it reminded me of several good ones I had not thought of in years.

CFQ 20,000 Leagues
This painting just perfectly captures the mood of Walt Disney's film version of Jules Verne's novel.

CFQ Dark Shadows
I like the way that two generations of the DARK SHADOWS franchise are encapsulated in this image

CFQ Star Trek 20th anniversary
Something about this composite image perfectly conveys the sense of looking back on the original STAR TREK series as a whole - much better than selecting an image from a specific episode.

CFQ Alien
A nice closeup of the H.R. Giger painting that inspired the look of the titular ALIEN.

CFQ Psycho
Hitchcock himself replaces Janet Leigh in the famous PSYCHO shower scene - a witty joke that the master himself would probably have enjoyed.

CFQ Jurassic Park
A nice artist rendering that sums up the gist of JURASSIC PARK: dinosaurs, genetics, and Spielberg.