The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Vampire Babies Coming To A Teen Flick Near You

robert-pattinsonWell…the header really kind of says it all now doesn’t it?
In an interview with, Melissa Rosenberg, screenwriter of the TWILIGHT series, seems to confirm that the famous (or infamous depending on how much you enjoy the books) birth of Bella and Edward’s baby will make it to the film version of the final installment THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN.

That was a misquote. The childbirth — all the scenes, I feel — should be on screen. I think perhaps what I was referring to was, would we actually see Edward’s teeth through the placenta? I don’t think so. I don’t think we need to see that, and if someone needs to see that, I think they should take a look at that. [Laughs.] I believe it will be implied, but I don’t think we’ll see teeth in the placenta.

Many would agree that sinking one’s teeth into placenta is difficult to imply but if anyone can do it, most likely its a sparklingly broody Robert Pattinson. Let’s just hope that there are buckets of Tic-Tacs on stand-by.