Could Adrien Brody be Marvel's Ant-Man?

Adrian Brody in PREDATORS (2010)
Adrian Brody in PREDATORS

Unconfirmed reports from John Campea and El Mayimbe at claim that Adrien Brody may be in talks to play Ant-Man in Marvel’s upcoming project THE AVENGERS, which is set to be directed by Joss Whedon. Following rumors that others including Nathan Fillion might be called upon to play the role, the latest buzz is that Brody’s agency has been pursuing it.
El Mayimbe was adamant that he is only relaying information that he received from contacts at Brody’s agency and that he does not intend to pass it off as fact. Let’s just say that reliable sources have confirmed that Brody’s people are in talks with Marvel, but we don’t know the outcome of those talks for certain just yet. Can you see Adrien Brody in the role of Ant-Man?

Updated Info on Marvel's Ant Man

Marvels comic book hero Ant Man
Marvels comic book hero Ant Man

SuperHeroHype have been talking with Marvel Studios President of Production, Kevin Feige, on the eve of IRON MAN 2’s release and he has some new information about one of the studio’s smaller properties, ANT MAN. Apparently Edgar Wright (SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ) is still directing the comic book adaptation and is set to start work on it once SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD is released.
In the Marvel comics ANT MAN had several incarnations; first was Dr Henry “Hank” Pym, whom invented the various methods for someone to reduce their size and assume the identity of ANT MAN and then there was Scott Lang, a thief who was reformed with the aid of Pym and Iron Man and became the second ANT MAN. Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish have written several drafts of the film adaptation but SCOTT PILGRIM had put the project on hold. With PILGRIM almost finished Feige reveals,

“Edgar was in LA last week, we sat down, and we started working on a calendar of when to get him back into it once he finishes promoting Scott Pilgrim, so I think towards the end of this year, early next year we’d start looking at early prep for that, but certainly for a release date after The Avengers.

So even though ANT-MAN is a long way off (I’d wager on a 2013 release being planned) it is still happening. Edgar Wright is a more than capable director and based on the PILGRIM teaser trailer, looks as if he can handle a larger budget superhero film such as this.