Meredith Vieira On 'Doctor Who'

TODAY Show anchor Meredith Vieira visted the BBC Wales studio for DOCTOR WHO, speaking with Alex Kingston (River Song) and Matt Smith (The Doctor).
She also recorded a cameo appearance for an upcoming episode, which contains some interesting  minor spoilers involving Winston Churchill, and showcased the return of some Cybermen.

Dr. Who Season 6 — Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Check out this Behind-the-Scenes clip from the shooting of the  Season Six premeire  of DOCTOR WHO.
In the video, a group led by actor Mark Shepard (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) corner River Song (Alex Kingston) in what looks to be a building under construction or renovation. They exchange dialog regarding some kind of invasion of America.  Trapped, Song chooses to fall backwards off the structure — no doubt expecting another timely rescue by the Doctor.
 Mark Shepard’s character is called  Canton Everett Delaware III, according to BBC America. Some scenes in the two-part epiode will be shot in the USA.

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As can be seen in the photograph from the site, River Song seems to have markings on her arms, possibly ‘tally marks’ as a record of her incarceration in Stormcage Prison, for crimes not yet made clear — although we know they include killing a man that was a “hero to millions.”
Was that man The Doctor, and was River Song ever married to the Time Lord? All we know for sure is that they have some unusally deep bond.
Clip by Timeboyy, Photo by alun_vega, all via Doctor Who TV

41 'Doctor Who' Teasers

Amy, The Doctor,  and Rory will all be back
Amy, The Doctor, and Rory will all be back

From DoctorWhoTv we get this list of DOCTOR WHO Teaser phrases and clues for Season 6 of the revived BBC series.

  1. The Doctor will be on trial – twice!
  2. Who controls the light sculptors?
  3. You won’t believe what’s buried under Wembley Stadium.
  4. Scared of the Eye in Space? You should be.
  5. Take up thy sins and walk – slowly.
  6. There won’t be a pub quiz on Tuesday because there won’t be a pub.
  7. Beau Geste is cool.
  8. Bow Street runners are cool.
  9. Bromley-by-Bow is cool.
  10.  August 1982 – Happy Birthday, Ma’am.
  11. Some lies are too much for the psychic paper.
  12. “I won’t take calls from THAT Prime Minister.”
  13. “Marc, where are you?”
  14. The only water in the forest is the river.
  15. What awaits the TARDIS at the zero point?
  16. “72 years on and Rory’s still terrified of Granny Grainger?”
  17. “I was lost in France.”
  18. “How could a fellow Gallifreyan stoop so low?”
  19. Horror of Bangkok.
  20. “Give it up, sweet Korn.”
  21. Argonite? Here?
  22. An ordinary block of flats.
  23. “If I saw them walking down the high street what would I think?” I don’t think you’d think anything at all, Amy.”
  24. Find the lady – before she finds you!
  25. “Margaret! Come back!”
  26. The Doctor defeats the Sahara Desert.
  27. Susannah’s still alive.
  28. Mill Green on fire.
  29. As will River Song
    As will River Song

    The Doctor will get married – Twice!

  30. What are the dangers of Port Olveron?
  31. 502, but never 503.
  32. Beware of the kites.
  33. “A pillar of salt, yes – but not because she looked back. Looking back is good!”
  34. They’ll have to get a new name for Thanksgiving.
  35. Pay attention – It’s not really her.
  36. Treading through the sand – on the one night they come back.
  37. The Shuddering Brethren, they’ll stick in your mind.
  38. “I’m my own Doctor.”
  39. Octavian wasn’t lying.
  40. Mysterious semblance at the the strand of nightmares.
  41. The bones of the TARDIS.

DW_BrilliantThey’re from the Doctor Who: Brilliant Book 2011, now available in the UK from Amazon UK