'Dark Tower' Not Dead Yet?

According to Deadline , Ron Howard’s ambitious version of Steven King’s THE DARK TOWER darktower_Coverbook series might very well still have life in it.
The site says that Warner Brother’s is  “very close to a deal”  that would give Howard the means to make the first feature film he planned in adapting the saga. 
Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman’s script would be used, and Goldsman would produce with Brian Grazer and Steven King. Warner Bros. has purchased Goldsman’s existing script (done for Universal), and he is now doing a polish on the screenplay for the studio. 
 Javier Bardem was previously tentatively attached as the anti-hero lead  Roland Deschain, last of the “Gunslingers” — in the Dark Tower world a kind of Western-themed Knight-Errant.  
javier-bardem_1Bardem’s continued participation is dependent on when the film, still to be directed by Ron Howard, is scheduled. This might be the beginning of 2013.
Right now, Javier Bardeem is playing the villian in SKYFALL , the new James Bond film, currently shooting in the UK. 
The production’s resurrection is a bit of a surprize to many, as Universal Studios backed off the plan to make three feature films and two TV mini-series out of the allegorical dark fantasy novels.
Apparently, HBO may pick up the project as a mini-series, if Warner Brothers Pictures ultimately greenlights the film.

Universal Cancels 'The Dark Tower'

darktower_CoverBeen waiting for further confirmation, but it seems Deadline’s  report of  Universal Studios cancellation of Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman’s adaption of Steven King’s THE DARK TOWER is correct.
There have been no detailed announcements as the the reasons, but it seems that the studio just couldn’t justify the budgets for the three planned feature films, supported by a seperate TV series to bring King’s epic horror/western fantasy to the screen.
It’s speculated that Universal might have been willing to greenlight one film at a reduced, but still substantial budget, but not the massive commitment the producers were demanding.
The project is not dead, Howard and Goldsman are free to shop it around to other studios, but the feature and mini-series approach might well remain a stumbling block.

New Writer on 'Logan's Run'

Logans_RunTV_2According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alex Garland (28 DAYS LATER) is in talks to write a new screenplay to the LOGAN’S RUN update that Warner Brothers Pictures still seems keen to make, after a long time in development with a number of writers and potential directors.
The article suggests that the studio and producers Joel Silver (THE MATRIX) and Akiva Goldsman (BATMAN FOREVER) want the story to be truer to William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson’s 1967 novel Logan’s Run.
The 1976 film and 1977 -78 TV series from MGM concentrated on the more simplisitic “Fugitive” chase aspects of the dysutopian future world.