'Superman Classic'— Pro-Fan Animation

Disney TV animator  Robb Pratt (THE REPLACEMENTS)  made this traditionally animated short, SUPERMAN CLASSIC,  just from  his love of the character, and inspired by the theme music of the 1948 Columbia serial.
The short, which is a vignette in which the Man of Steel tales on a giant steel man —a robot, harkens back somewhat to the Max Flieisher/Paramount cartoons of the 1940’s. Yet I think it also gives us an idea of what Superman might look like in Disney’s current house style.
newtonRobb Pratt enlisted John Newton, who played the lead in the first season of the SUPERBOY TV series (as John Haymes Newton) as his Clark Kent/Superman, and Newton’s wife Jennifer Newton (SAURIAN) was Lois Lane.
The serial music, by Columbia Studios  music director Mischa Bakaleinikoff (based in part on a previous composers’  motifs), is a very strident and “muscular” theme that lends itself well to the action.
A nice job, leaving viewers wanting more.

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