Box Office: Harry knocked off by Chuck and Larry

It was a rare summer weekend when the #1 slot at the box office was not occupied by a fantasy film. Last weekend’s winner HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX was knocked into second place by the arrival of the Adam Sandler comedy I KNOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY.
ORDER OF THE PHOENIX still managed to earn $32.2-million in its sophomore session, for a whopping two-week total of $207.5-million.
TRANSFORMERS mutated into fourth place, just behind the weekend’s other big debut HAIRSPRAY, which landed in third. The Transformers film added $20.5-million to its three-week total of $262.9-million.
RATATOUILLE scampered from third to fifth place, where it cooked up $11-million. Including leftovers, that comes to $165.6-million after four weeks of release.
The only other genre title in the Top Ten was 1408, which closed its doors on another $2.6-million, good enough for eighth place, down from sixth. After five weeks, the film has earned $67.5-million in U.S. theatres.
Read the complete Top Ten here.

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