'Stargate Universe' Year 2 Cast – Trailer

STARGATE UNIVERSE just ended it’s first year on SyFy this past Friday. ‘Incursion Part 2’ left a number of threads dangling, which this trailer for Season Two will tease.
In the second season premiere, ‘Intervention’ we’ll meet Simeon, a “dangerous Lucian Alliance soldier”, to be played by Robert Knepper (THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL [2008]). Julie McNiven (SUPERNATURAL) will play Ginn, also of the Lucian Alliance, which has boarded and seemingly taken over the Ancient’s starship, Destiny.
Simeon’s character will be a recurring nemesis, and eventually have a showdown with Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle). He can be seen in the trailer at screen left, holding a rifle on the scientist.
STARGATE UNIVERSE returns this October on SyFy.

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