'Stargate Universe' Returns — Clip

The last ten episodes of the cancelled  STARGATE UNIVERSE begin on Syfy tonight at 10:00 PM ET/PT.
In the mid-season cliff hanger, ‘Resurgence’,  the crew of the Destiny was caught in the midst of  a battle that they were tricked into by the “seed-ship” aliens.  In ‘Deliverance’ we’ll see how the ship survives.  (See Clip)
Despite the cancellation, producer Brad Wright seemed upbeat, talking to BlastR.

“I’m pretty happy with the whole back 10. I think we come back from the break very, very strong, with some really, really moving episodes and actually some big action stuff. ‘Deliverance,’ which is the second part of the two-parter, has a ton of action in it.”

Next week will bring the episode ‘Twin Destinies’ .
“It’s actually a very big story too. It’s got a ton of scope and a significant amount of action, as well. … It sets up a huge story arc that will follow up the rest of the season. And I don’t really want to spoil it beyond that. I just want to say that there’s something that is initiated that takes place and carries on through the rest of the story.”

Are there any hopes for a real conclusion to STARGATE UNIVERSE or more of the franchise? Brad Wright seemed optimistic.

“There might be other possibilities out there, and maybe even a miniseries or movie. It’s not necessarily the end of the world.”

See the entire interview at the link above.

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