Stargate Universe – Season Premeire & Trailer

Here’s a new look at highlights of Season One and previews of Season Two of SyFy’s STARGATE UNIVERSE.
The Official Description of the season opener, Intervention.

“Control of the Destiny hangs in the balance as the battle continues between the crew and the Lucian Alliance.
Colonel Young and most of his military personnel are held at gunpoint by the Lucian Alliance. While Dannic has no hesitations to kill them, he is convinced by Varro to leave them on the nearest planet. Shortly after arrival the Destiny crew find themselves joined by Varro and those of his men now deemed as traitors by Dannic. When a deadly electrical storm begins to brew, all must work together to find safe shelter and survive.
“Meanwhile Dr. Rush, Brody, Chloe and Eli have sealed themselves off in the hydroponics lab and have managed to obtain some control of the ships power. Dr. Rush conceives a risky plan to force Dannic and the Lucians to surrender by draining the power from most of the ships shields killing anyone outside hydroponics by radiation.
Not willing to give up, Dannic locks into a standoff with Rush knowing his plan will also kill those members left aboard not protected by the lab. Chloe and Eli plead with Rush to think of Lt. Johansen who’s trapped in the infirmary recovering.” 

STARGATE UNIVERSE:  ‘Intervention’ airs Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 PM ET/PT.
If you need to catch up on the story so far, there’s an all day marathon Tuesday, with the two-part Season One Finale ‘Incursion’ airing from 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

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