Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy announces retirement

Leonard Nimoy in his last appearance as Spock
Leonard Nimoy in his last appearance as Spock

Leonard Nimoy – the original Mr. Spock – told the Toronto Sun that his appearance in the 2009 big-screen reboot of STAR TREK will be his last appearance as the world’s most famous Vulcan:

“I don’t think it would be fair to Zachary Quinto,” he said of his successor, who played a younger version of Spock in last year’s “Star Trek” reboot. “He’s a terrific actor, he looks the part, and it’s time to give him some space. And I’m very flattered the character will continue.”

Not only will Nimoy no longer play Spock; he will give up acting entirely, including his role on FRINGE, the show produced by J. J. Abrams (who directed the STAR TREK feature).

“I was away from acting for 12 years, so I guess I was seducible,” he said of his part as Dr. William Bell on the FOX show. “But since (producer) J.J. Abrams revived the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, I felt I owed him something. And I’m glad I did it because he promised me a good story, and it was.”

Nimoy feels now is the right time to take his final bow.

“I’ve been doing this professionally for 60 years,” he said. “I love the idea of going out on a positive note. I’ve had a great, great time.”

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