Star Trek Into Darkness Extended Preview Playing at IMAX Theaters

(Left to right) Zachary Quinto is Spock, Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison and Chris Pine is Kirk in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.
(Left to right) Zachary Quinto is Spock, Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison and Chris Pine is Kirk in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

If you’re going to see THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY at an IMAX theater this weekend, you’re a lucky person! You get to spend $6.95 on a medium soda! Also, you’ll likely be seeing the first 9 minutes of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, J.J. Abrams curiously titled follow up to his highly praised franchise reboot. Will we learn a bit about how this alt-Trek-universe diverges from the original? (Maybe.) Will we get some sort of confirmation that the plot for this chapter will somehow key off of “Where No Man Has Gone Before?” (Likely not.) Will we get lots of lens flares? (Bring your sunglasses.)
Paramount included an “abbreviated” list of theaters showing the preview in their announcement, which we’re including below. You can find the full list at

Carmike Patton Creek 16 & IMAX, Hoover
Cobb Hollywood 16 & IMAX, Tuscaloosa
Regal Tikahtnu Commons Stadium 16 & IMAX, Anchorage

Dickinson Chenal 9, IMAX, Little Rock

Dickinson Gateway 12, IMAX, Mesa
AMC Deer Valley 30 & IMAX, Phoenix
AMC Loews Foothills 15 & IMAX, Tucson

AMC Burbank 16 & IMAX, Burbank
Edwards Fresno Stadium 22 & IMAX, Fresno
AMC Century City 15 & IMAX, Los Angeles
Esquire IMAX, Sacramento
AMC Palm Promenade 24 & IMAX, San Diego
AMC Van Ness 14 + IMAX, San Francisco
AMC Downtown Disney 12 & IMAX, Anaheim
UA Colorado Mills Stadium 16 & IMAX, Lakewood
UA Colorado Center Stadium 9 & IMAX, Denver
AMC Westminster Promenade 24 & IMAX, Denver
AMC Loews Danbury 16 & IMAX, Danbury
Rave Buckland Hills 18 & IMAX, Manchester
AMC Universal Cineplex 20 & IMAX, Orlando
AMC Regency 24 & IMAX, Jacksonville
AMC Veterans 24 & IMAX, Tampa
Cobb Dolphin 19 & IMAX, Miami
Muvico Parisian & IMAX, West Palm Beach
Regal Cinemas Atlantic Station 16 & IMAX, Atlanta
Regal Augusta Exchange Stadium 20 & IMAX, Augusta
AmStar 16 & IMAX, Macon

Regal Dole Cannery 18 & IMAX, Honolulu
Edwards Boise Stadium 22 & IMAX, Boise
AMC Showplace Naperville 16 & IMAX, Naperville
Carmike Grand Prairie 18 & IMAX, Peoria
AMC Showplace Rockford 16 & IMAX, Rockford
Carmike Jefferson Pointe 18 & IMAX, Ft. Wayne
AMC Showplace Indianapolis 17 & IMAX, Indianapolis
AMC Star Council Bluffs 17 & IMAX, Council Bluffs
Rave Davenport 53 & IMAX, Davenport
AMC Studio 28 & IMAX, Olathe
Warren West IMAX, Wichita

Rave Stonybrook 20 & IMAX, Louisville
AMC Newport on the Levee 20 & IMAX, Newport
Rave Mall of Louisiana 15 & IMAX, Baton Rouge
AMC Clearview Palace 12 with IMAX, Metairie

AMC Loews White Marsh 16 & IMAX, Baltimore
Regal Westview Stadium 16 & IMAX, Frederick
AMC Loews Rio Cinemas 18 & IMAX, Gaithersburg
Saco Cinemagic & IMAX, Saco
AMC Loews Boston Common 19 & IMAX, Boston
Showcase Cinemas Randolph & IMAX, Randolph
Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX, Grand Rapids
Celebration! Cinema & IMAX, Lansing
AMC Star Fairlane 21 & IMAX, Dearborn

AMC Eden Prairie Mall 18 & IMAX, Eden Prairie
AMC Southdale 16 & IMAX, Edina
AMC Arbor Lakes 16 & IMAX, Maple Grove
Springfield 11 & IMAX, Springfield
Wehrenberg Ronnies 20 Cine & IMAX, St. Louis AMC BarryWoods 24 & IMAX, Kansas City

AMC Oakview 24 & IMAX, Omaha
New Hampshire
Hooksett Cinemagic & IMAX, Hooksett
New Jersey
AMC Clifton Commons 16 & IMAX, Cliffton
AMC Jersey Gardens 20 & IMAX, Elizabeth
AMC Loews New Brunswick 18 & IMAX, New Brunswick

Brenden Theatres and IMAX at the Palms, Las Vegas
Regal Aliante Stadium 16 & IMAX, Las Vegas
Regal Sunset Station Stadium 13 & IMAX, Henderson

New York
Regal Crossgates Mall Stadium 18 & IMAX, Albany
Regal Sheepshead Bay Stadium 14 & IMAX, Brooklyn
AMC Loews 34th Street 14 & IMAX, New York
AMC Loews Kips Bay 15 & IMAX, New York
City Center 15: Cinema de Lux & IMAX, White Plains
North Carolina
Regal Stonecrest At Piper Glen Stadium 22 & IMAX, Charlotte
AMC Concord Mills 24 & IMAX, Concord
Southpoint Cinemas & IMAX, Durham
Wells Fargo IMAX Theatre at Marbles- Raleigh
AMC Easton Town Center 30 & IMAX, Columbus
AMC Lennox Town Center 24 & IMAX, Columbus
AMC Southroads 20 & IMAX, Tulsa
AMC Quail Springs Mall 24 & IMAX, Oklahoma City
Moore Warren IMAX, Moore
Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 & IMAX, Bend
Regal Valley River Center 15 & IMAX, Eugene
Regal Lloyd Center 10 Cinema & IMAX, Portland
UA King of Prussia Stadium 16 & IMAX, King of Prussia
AMC Franklin Mills 14 & IMAX, Philadelphia
RC Reading Movies 11 & IMAX, Reading
Rhode Island
Providence Place Cinemas 16 & IMAX, Providence

South Carolina
Citadel Mall IMAX Stadium 16, Charleston
Regal Streets of Indian Lake Stadium 16 & IMAX, Hendersonville
Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 & IMAX, Knoxville
Regal Opry Mills Stadium 20 & IMAX, Nashville

AMC The Parks at Arlington 18 & IMAX, Arlington
AMC Barton Creek Square 14 & IMAX, Austin
AMC Northpark 15 & IMAX, Dallas
AMC Gulf Pointe 30 & IMAX, Houston
Santikos Palladium IMAX, San Antonio
ATK IMAX, Clark Planetarium, Salt Lake City
Megaplex 17 & IMAX Jordan Commons, Sandy
AMC Hoffman Center 22 & IMAX, Alexandria
AMC Hampton Towne Centre 24 & IMAX, Hampton
AMC Lynnhaven 18 & IMAX, Virginia Beach

IMAX Lincoln Square Cinemas, Bellevue
Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 & IMAX, Seattle
AMC River Park Square 20 & IMAX, Spokane
Washington DC
AMC Loews Georgetown 14 & IMAX, Washington DC
AMC Star Fitchburg 18 & IMAX, Fitchburg

The following is an abbreviated list of theaters in Canada that will show the extended preview of “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.”  For the complete list, please visit the official movie site at

Scotiabank Chinook & IMAX, Calgary
Empire Studio 16 Country Hills & IMAX, Calgary
Scotiabank Edmonton & IMAX, Edmonton

British Columbia
Colossus Langley& IMAX, Langley
SilverCity Riverport & IMAX, Richmond
SilverCity Victoria Cinemas & IMAX, Victoria
SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas & IMAX, Winnipeg

Empire Studio 12 Gateway Park & IMAX, St. John’s
Nova Scotia
Empire 18 Cinemas & IMAX , Halifax
SilverCity London Cinemas & IMAX, London
SilverCity Windsor Cinemas & IMAX, Windsor
Empire Theatres Kitchener & IMAX, Kitchener
Coliseum Mississauga & IMAX, Mississauga
Mega-Plex Taschereau 18 & IMAX, Greenfield Park
Mega-Plex Pont Viau 16, Laval
Mega-Plex Marche Central 18, Montreal
Mega-Plex Terrebonne 14 &IMAX, Terrebonne

For a complete list of IMAX® theatres worldwide that will show the extended preview, please visit

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