'Space Patrol' Uniform Auction

HAppy_Sapce Patrol,jpgSPACE PATROL was a science fiction TV show that appeared on ABC on Saturday mornings from 1950 to 1955.  It featured Ed Kemmer (EARTH Vs. THE SPIDER) as Commander Buzz Corry, Lyn Osborn (INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN) as Cadet Happy, Virginia Hewitt as Carol, daughter to the Secretary General of the United Planets and Nina Bara as Tonga, the assistant to Major Robertson (played by Ken Mayer), Chief of Security. Also appearing on the show was announcer Jack Narz who pitched the show’s sponsor in a SPACE PATROL uniform. 
Swapsale.com has announced their September 25th, 2010 auction of four uniforms actually worn on the show: Cadet Happy’s, Carol’s, Tonga’s and Narz’s.  
Bruce David, President of Swapsale LLC said:

“It’s the first time more than one uniform from the show has ever been offered. Jack Narz’s uniform alone is getting a great deal of buzz.  Given Narz’s career, that’s a real piece of TV history.” 

David went on to note that the last time a Space Patrol uniform sold at Action it was Ken Mayer’s jacket which went for $16,600.  “That was just the jacket without the pants,” David elaborated.
Swapsale claims the uniforms  are in the same condition as they were when last worn on the show. They come from the collection of noted SPACE PATROL historian and collector Andy Andersen.
Go to Swapsale.com for details of the auction.

Carol's Space Patrol Costume
Carol's Space Patrol Costume

Viginia Hewitt in SPACE PATROL
Viginia Hewitt in SPACE PATROL

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